How to bust the browser cache for customScripts defined in config.js

Hello all

I’m successfully loading and using a custom script as per

The script is an in-house collection of common functions which we use across the majority of our embedded forms. Hence it also changes periodically when we add amendments / new functions to it. Conventionally you would bust the browser cache and force a fresh load of a file with something such as ?version=01 suffixed to the URL. However, the dev team has been clearing the cache manually with Chrome Ctrl+R/Ctrl+Shift+R : Vivaldi F5/Ctrl+F5 : Firefox F5/Ctrl+F5. But we cannot expect our users to do the same when an updated script is deployed.

How can we bust the cache for files defined as customScripts in config.js? Using a suffix such as ?bust=taskId or processId will be ideal. But where would one define such a suffix, if that is the correct way of forcing a fresh load of the file?