How should i use MessageEvent?


I am newbie at camunda and here are several things i am intereseted in:

  1. can i use message driven event for sending service response data to another destination for example in local directory created by me?
    2.Can i use Event Driven messages instead of service ( in camunda environment )?
    3.what are main advantages of using message driven events?


Hi Sally,

What do you mean by message driven event?

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Hi @yana.vasileva @Sally,
I think I might be having the same problem …
I have a product-requirement , where I want to start a process-instance at any stage …

In the below mentioned process-definition , i want to start a process-instance at Form C directly (rather than from start) .

I called the rest-api: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/engine/default/message
but it says 405 HTTP error .

Is there any special way to trigger a message-based-event ??

Some part of BPMN file:
<bpmn:message id=“Message_1dd3oxq” name=“form_a” />
<bpmn:message id=“Message_0ng2mdo” name=“form_b” />
<bpmn:message id=“Message_146hdfb” name=“form_c” />
<bpmn:message id=“Message_0gucgv7” name=“form_d” />

What is the procedure to start/trigger a message-based-event ?


Hi @Arsh_Baghel,

The rest request to correlate message is POST, you can see an example here.
Please share your request.

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Hi @yana.vasileva ,
I tried to call it via REST-API , and it gave a 204 HTTP .

My question is
Is there any way to know the process-instance-id ?


Hi @Arsh_Baghel,

Sure, you need to add "resultEnabled" : true in your request body

A Boolean value that indicates whether the result of the correlation should be returned or not. If this property is set to true, there will be returned a list of message correlation result objects. Depending on the all property, there will be either one ore more returned results in the list.
The default value is false, which means no result will be returned.

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Thanks @yana.vasileva , worked like a charm , you just made my life a lot easier …

I added : “resultEnabled” : true , and it returned the " process instance id"…