How do I query camunda tables?

I really don’t want to make entities in my Spring Boot project for each Camunda table. So, I guess you made something that helps us work with those tables. The problem is I haven’t come across anything that could help me with that. Can you point me to where can I search for it?

I mean, are there any “prebuilt” classes and methods that I should be aware of that could help me in querying your database?

Engine has a services to query all prebuilt entities. Aka repository, management, runtime services and etc. Just use em. Or as alternative u can use native queries or mybatis mappings

As @Artem_Smirnov alluded to, There generally isn’t any need to query the db directly, we have a java API and a REST api that can do this in a safer and more manageable way.

Hello @stefanpg camunda springboot comes with beans that make your life easier.

For example, runTimeService, historyService, etc…

While these beans come with methods sufficient enough to handle most cases, there might be cases where you would want to use native sql queries. (Please note that here, you are skipping the ORM capailities and querying platform dependent).

The above mentioned beans contain a createNativeQuery method, in which you can pass your SQL query.


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