How do I get process deployment information across multiple servers?

I have clustered Camunda on several servers with a common database. I have deployed the processes on several different servers. How do I know on which server the processes are deployed in cockpit or database tables?

@Mohammad_Eghbal In homogeneous cluster setup with shared database, resources deployed in one server can be globally accessible in another node with in the cluster. Because, all the resources deployed are persisted in the shared database. Therefore, you can easily query for deployed processes using rest api or built-in java api of camunda.

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@aravindhrs Thanks for your reply. But when I Deployed a process on a server, I can not tell from the cockpit which server the process is located on.

Hi @Mohammad_Eghbal,

As @aravindhrs said all process definitions are stored in the shared database regardless of which server processes the deploy request.

It might be worth having a look at process application deployment topic to understand the whole thing