How do I customize current tootip text?


I want to modify the hover text for some of the components. For eg: if I hover over the circle, it shows me “Create StartEvent”. What if I wanted to customize this text? I could out any straight forward way to do it. Also, I want to add hover text for modules under wrench tool ( like Receive Task, Sub Process, Business Rule task). I could find their definition in bpmn-modeler.js like this {
label: ‘Receive Task’,
actionName: ‘replace-with-receive-task’,
className: ‘bpmn-icon-receive’,
target: {
type: ‘bpmn:ReceiveTask’
But how do I add hover text to them?


The title attributes of the elements in the palette are defined in bpmn-js PaletteProvider. The title attributes of the replace menu are not being set at all.

In order to change the titles of the elements in the palette you’d have to either override the PaletteProvider or abuse the translate functionality to change titles instead of translating them. For the replace menu it’s even harder as you’d have to modify PopupMenu in order to have title attributes set in the first place before modifying the ReplaceOptions in diagram-js.

Long story short: It’s pretty hard at the moment to change/add title attributes.