How can the Id-generation be changed?


When adding a new element in the Modeler it gets an automatic Id value.
For example: StartEvent_0slcrtf or EndEvent_0gi44mo.

There are two things I’d like to achieve:

  1. Change the Id generation to use a different prefix.
    Ideally with the same approach that is available with element templates using either a local mapping discovery (something like a .camunda/element-rules folder relative in the directory or any parent directory of the diagrams you are editing).
    For example instead of the prefix StartEvent / EndEvent using Event_Start / Event_End.

  2. On type change using the wrench tool: adjust the Id (for example when changing the start event above it should be - renamed to EndEvent_0slcrtf - it is currently unchanged).

So… Is there an option to change the “default” prefix? If not where “in the code” is this currently done? Where “in the code” are element-templates searched for?
Where is the code for the wrench tool (I guess it is in and is it possible to change the element’s Id in the same place - if not: is there any option to attach a function that may do so to the wrench tool?