How can I view the individual tasks personalized in the tasklist?

Hello there!

There is an issue I’ve faced with:

I would like to see in the tasklist from which user this task originates? For example with a last name field or personalized field with an employee number, which is sent with the task to another person.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 230214
For example to see here, from which the task comes.

I hope for helpful comments.

Hi @Musa_Yamac,

As long as the data are stored in process/task variables, you can easily do that by configuring the “Variables” section of the intended tasklist’s filter (for example: “My Tasks” filter).

Please have a look at below link.


hi @hassang,

thank you for ur fast answer. But my problem is that i dont want to filter the task in my tasklist.

I would like to know which student this task is from. For example, student B and student A have filled in a form. Is it possible to set that you can see the name in the task list immediately without opening the form?

Hi @Musa_Yamac,

Yes, as long as there is a process/task variable holding the required value (From).

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Hi @hassang ,

Can you maybe explain to me how to get this information (Student A) in?