How can I set some variables as transient from a script



Im very new to Camunda and I have reached a bit of a block, so this is the situation.
I have two service tasks, the first one takes as arguments a json object containing form answers and an xml template which are provided as transient variables via the rest-api. The first service task calls an external web service that matches the answers to the template and returns the merged template. Then the merged template is passed to the second task which call another external service to validate that the merged template contains no errors.

Since the answers contain sensitive data, and therefore the merged template does as well I can’t have any of this data going into the history database. I have been trying to store the results of the first external service as a transient variable but haven’t found the way. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Erik,

I’m not entirely sure if that’s what you need, but have a look at the history level. You can configure the history level with some predefined values and in your case you should deactivate it entirely, so no data gets stored.



Thank you for your answer! There were quite a few things I didn’t understand but the history level configuration was really helpful!