How can I see the act_hi_taskinst in h2 database

I run the camunda web application using Docker.
Now, I want to see the tables like act_hi_taskinst.
I navigated to http://localhost:8080/h2/h2/ and logged in with sa/sa but I couldn’t find the tables.
please guide me

Can you share you docker-compose files and link on Docker project that you use?

I don’t use the docker-compose.
I run this docker command in the cmd:

docker pull camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:latest
docker run -d --name camunda -p 8080:8080 camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:latest

Hi @rezza72,

Have you tried to connect with below JDBC URL?


the default value is:

I changed that to:

And I faced this error:

Wrong user name or password [28000-190] 28000/28000 (Help)

Then I changed that to:

And I logged in. But the content is the same as jdbc:h2:~/test and I couldn’t find the Camunda’s tables.

Please give it another try with sa/sa and jdbc:h2:./camunda-h2-dbs/process-engine. I just tried the same steps as you and it works fine.


Thanks a lot.
That’s worked.