How can I display values in tasklist?


Hi to all,
I’d like to display values in the tasklist as shown in this image


How can I do?
Can I also personalize with values the name of the Task?
(eg. “Review Invoice” should became “Review Invoice n. PSACE-5342”




You can achieve that when you adjust your filter (1)
and more specifically variables as shown below:

Does this help you?



Dear Yana,
it was exactly what I was looking for!

Many thanks!

Do you know how can I export the settings from Camunda (the filters, for example) to backup them or use on another installations?



Hi Raf,

Unfortunately we don’t have feature. You can create a ticket for it or rise a pull request for it.
The filters are stored in ACT_RU_FILTER table. You can export the records from there + the related entities from ACT_RU_AUTHORIZATION if you have user authorizations.
The only thing which you need to take care during the import to make sure that you don’t have duplication of the ids of the existing filters and the imported ones. This depends on what kind of ID generator you are using. (1)

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for the precious info, Yana