Hot to embed the Webjars into your own CDI project?

Hi there,

I have a camunda process engine running as part of a Quarkus CDI Webapp (had to fork camunda-cdi package and add a few @Dependent annotations for that to work), I also have the REST endpoint running. So far so good.

No I’m just trying to get the Javascript Webapps to run as well.
That should be an easy task, just put the frontend apps on the classpath, configure the REST baseurl for those apps and that’s it (or so I thought)

From all the Examples (Springboot etc.) I found, I still have no clue how to do that, or how that’s even working with the Sprinboot packages.

If I add camunda-webapp-webjar to my (gradle/quarkus) build, I get the webjar which basically adds all the JS stuff to my classpath. But I also get camunda-webapp as transitive dependency which contains all kinds of Java classes I have no idea what they are for.

Furthermore I don’t get any Servlet that is actually serving all the stuff from camunda-webapp-webjar, I can access all that stuff via my own ClasspathResourceServlet but then everything is unconfigred ($APP_ROOT, etc.) within the JS apps.

So how do I add and configure JUST the JS frontends to an otherwise already working camunda instance that has a camunda REST endpoint already running?