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We have a requirement to back-navigate during BPMN execution without explicit modeling backwards.
We tried to use HistoryService, but it has limited usability for our case.
For instance, if we backtrack, that also is tracked by History Service.
In that case, Is it possible for the applications to “mark” the HistoricActivityInstance or some other objects, for applications to identify that these instances are created when backtracked.
So the generic question would be, is it possible to mark a HistoricActivityInstance to classify them, to be later used by applications.
Is there any other way to achieve this.
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Could you please explain further what is your goal.
What do you mean by back-navigate? What do you want to achieve with this?

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My goal is to go back to the previous task executed in the process instance.
Back-Navigation is to execute the previous task in the instance execution path.

For an instance, if the BPMN is used for series of configurations, the user might need to go back to edit the previous configuration, so that amounts to executing the previous task.

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And such model doesn’t fit your needs?