Hierarchical fluent builder api with lambdas?


Just for context, my experience with Camunda so far is just reading the documentation and building some samples.

In reading the “Fluent Builder API” I found it remarkable (in an unfortunate way) that an api for potentially building hierarchical models is structured linearly. I noticed the attempt to indent some calls differently from others to try to illustrate the hierarchy, but that doesn’t seem very effective to me.

I would have expected an api for building hierarchical models would also be hierarchical. I suppose if you’re restricted to Java 7 there’s not much you can do, but if this api could be designed with Java 8 in mind, I would like to see “sub” components defined by lambda arguments, allowing a true hierarchical structure.

Use BPMN Model API for typical compensation use case

Have you tried java 8 with the Wildfly10.x server?

I’ve been using java 8 features… including various libraries:

  • rxJava
  • streams
  • lambdas
  • Apache Camel

I also tried Arquillian. But, that was awhile ago. Didn’t care for the extra time required to run my tests when I could run a much, much faster set of tests (via HTTP, etc) against a running Camunda server w/o waiting for Arquillian to startup.