Heterogenous deployment Same Database Issue

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about heterogenous framework with multi-node deployment using single database.
I have 2 spring boot Camunda applications, both deployed on 2 different nodes. I have a common database serving both application/nodes. Both the applications have different class delegates.
However, whenever we have a timer event or if we make Async before/after config in the BPM flow; intermittently, delegates of 1 node are being picked up by the other node, resulting in “Class not instantiated ….” error.

Steps followed till now:
1. “Deployment aware” configuration done in application.yml for both nodes:
deployment-aware: true

2. @EnableProcessApplication annotation used in application class in both nodes with different names.

What else need to be done?

I have gone through the YouTube link provided for heterogenous configuration and also the camunda docs pages about the job executor.
None of them seem to work.
Kindly help.

Hi @Niall ,

Request you to please help here. :slight_smile: