Help with migrating from other vendors to Camunda

Need help migrating from Oracle, TIBCO, or IBM BPM to Camunda? See my entry on Camunda’s Team Blog to learn about the open and free tools available from our consulting team. Need help with other vendors or a custom app? Let me know and we can work together to build out more tooling. Keep an eye out on the blog for tutorials on each of the tools in the coming weeks!



@Beagler Do we have a tools for migrating from Flowable to camunda?

@aravindhrs Not at the moment but if you have a sample of an export from Flowable we can have a look to see if it needs to be converted. I could also download a trial and have a look myself but it might be easier if you had a sample :slight_smile:


@aravindhrs I had a look around and found a couple of examples. It appears Flowable BPMN lacks a bpmndi stanza like the IBM and Oracle BPMN exports. It should work with the IBM BPMN conversion tool. I’ll give it a try later and let you know the results.


@Beagler thanks. great :blush:

@aravindhrs It does appear to work with the IBM BPMN diagram generator though I will create a separate repository for a Flowable conversion tool as there likely will be tweaks as more folks use the tooling. Give it a try and let me know how it works out. The challenge with BPMN without diagram information is node layout. I’ve also planned to update the code to better improve the sequence flow layout. This might be the time to do it :slight_smile: Here is a sample conversion:

Do you have any experience with Hopex BPMN Diagrams from Mega?

@cyberatl1 If you post an example or provide a link to an example I can have a look at it. They generally fall into two categories 1) No bpmndi information like IBM, Oracle, and Flowable or 2) Badly formed BPMN xml like Oracle. There is a third category - kinda sorta but not quite BPMN (IBM .twx export)