[Help] Suggest a better to create sequence flow

Hi guys, I am creating a model as show in the image. I don’t have much experience in modelling BPMNs
What I am trying to achieve :
There is a sequence of service task, each one of them will do its work and at the end, based on whether validation was successful or not it will move to Failure task and end process or go to Success task, complete it and then move on the next service task in original sequence.
How I tried to solve :
To include a ex-or gateway after each service task and move to failure/success accordingly. But this is not scalable. I was thinking is there any better way to do this?
Thanks in advance

You probably want to use an event subprocess - this could wait for any of the services to fail and catch an error and deal with it

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@Niall Thanks! for the reply. I will give it a try. One more thing, for the success task(update db) after every task in original sequence, can call activity be used?