Hi I am using camunda tomcat distribution with spring context I need to write global TaskListener can some help me.


Hi @Dineshkumar,

can you please tell more about your use case? Why do you need this global task listener?

There are different ways to implement this:

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Thanks Philipp_Ossler can you suggest me How can I integrate ProcessApplicationEventListner with my spring context.

I have used following way

public class InvoiceProcessApplication extends ServletProcessApplication {}

but I bootstrap a SpringProcessApplication like
bean id=“invoicePa” class=“org.camunda.bpm.engine.spring.application.SpringServletProcessApplication” />

here problem

ProcessApplication creating one deployment and SpringServletProcessApplication creating another deployment.

This is my problem, sorry for my bad communication



Hi @Dineshkumar_Arivaras,

if you want to use the ProcessApplicationEventListener then your InvoiceProcessApplication should implement the getTaskListener() method as shown in the documentation.

Why do you declare your process application twice: via annotation and via Spring XML?

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can I remove this line?


I assume that your process application is InvoiceProcessApplication. So you can just remove the bean invoicePa from the Spring XML.


HI How can I configure CamundaReactor plugin in tomcat distribution

Thanks in advance


Hi @Dineshkumar,

this is not a common use case. Usually, you would integrate the plugin in your process application.

See the related question here.

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Thanks… I tried to configure this plugin in java with spring but I am failed.
Then I realised plugins are should be configured before process engine starts. :roll_eyes: