getStarted / Java EE7 - no process deployment in tasklist

Hello friends,
I finished Step 3 of getStarted/Java EE7 and deployed the war-file on Apache.
Unfortunately I had to realize that the process is not listed in the “Start process” on the Tasklist of user Demo.

Is it a bug in the getstarted-manual?

Could you please attach the server log file of time during the process deployment.
Do you see the output as it is described in

INFO  [org.camunda.bpm.container.impl.jboss.service.ProcessApplicationDeploymentService]
Deployment summary for process archive 'pizza-order' of process application 'pizza-order':


INFO  [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.config]
Initializing Mojarra 2.1.18-jbossorg-1 20130205-1414 for context '/pizza-order'
INFO  [org.hibernate.validator.internal.util.Version]
HV000001: Hibernate Validator 4.3.1.Final
INFO  []
JBAS018559: Deployed "pizza-order.war" (runtime-name : "pizza-order.war")

Also please check if you have permissions to start processes

CREATE_INSTANCE and READ permissions on Process definition level, and CREATE permission for all Process instances.

Do you mean you deployed it on Wildfly? Could you post the server logs?

the deployment isn´t on Wildfly but on Tomcat because this was the standard download.

the protocol of the Tomcat is:

 06-Nov-2019 13:56:09.651 INFORMATION [Catalina-utility-1] 
org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR Deploying web application archive [C:\Camunda\bpm\server\apache-tomcat-9.0.19\webapps\pizza-order-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.war]

06-Nov-2019 13:56:11.466 INFORMATION [Catalina-utility-1] 
org.apache.jasper.servlet.TldScanner.scanJars At least one JAR was scanned for TLDs yet contained no TLDs. Enable debug logging for this logger for a complete list of JARs that were scanned but no TLDs were found in them. Skipping unneeded JARs during scanning can improve startup time and JSP compilation time.

06-Nov-2019 13:56:11.468 SCHWERWIEGEND [Catalina-utility-1] 
org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.startInternal One or more listeners failed to start. Full details will be found in the appropriate container log file

06-Nov-2019 13:56:11.470 SCHWERWIEGEND [Catalina-utility-1] 
org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.startInternal Context [/pizza-order-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT] startup failed due to previous errors

06-Nov-2019 13:56:11.474 INFORMATION [Catalina-utility-1] 
org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR Deployment of web application archive [C:\Camunda\bpm\server\apache-tomcat-9.0.19\webapps\pizza-order-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.war] has finished in [1.823] ms

I understand in 13:56:11.468 and 13:56:11.470 serious failure occurs but I don´t understand the cause.

Could you please share your process application

sorry, I do not know how I can share my process application. What do you mean?
Export of the dev-folder?

@TheGrump share the GitHub link for the project which you are facing this issue

The other option is to compare your project with the one of the guide: