getStarted - html forms do not work

Hello friends,
I work on the “getStarted” and tried to finish the chapter “HTML Forms”. I added the html-files and done “Maven clean”. After the successful build I deployed the war-file on the apache successfully.

When I started the process in the job list, the form does not start. I can manually add business keys, but not forms…

Can anybody help?

@TheGrump there’s nothing to start in job list. Do you mean “Start Process” button in the tasklist ?

Check the BPMN whether the property “startable in tasklist:true” is enabled or not. If not enable it and redeploy the bpmn.

Yes, BPMN is checked with “Startable”.

And yes, you right: I mean “Start Process”-Button in the tasklist.
The process is started but the forms do not started the possibility to enter values like descripted.

Form fields not populating? Can you upload your BPMN?

hey @aravindhrs
after checking the project-structure x-times I found my mistake.
The processes.xml was created but not in the “META-INF”-folder. After the correction of this the forms works perfectly.

Lessions learned: the problem sit 80cm in front of monitor. :wink:

@TheGrump Great that you found the issue :slight_smile:

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