Get form field with their validation in task

Is there any Rest API that by calling it , i could get all variables (form fields) and their validations in the task?

@Behrouz you can get all process variables from this rest api

Form variables:

You can get forms as xhtml/xml format:

Is there any api that could get form’s validations?

Is there any updates on above question ? i.e get the form-validations with get form-variables API

@asperitas_ltd there’s no api available to retrieve the validations.

I haven’t tested yet, but you can try parsing the whole bpmn file and extract it.

@aravindhrs is there any RestAPI in camunda for fetching the BPMN diagram that we deployed so that i can extract the validations as you suggested

Hi @asperitas_ltd,

try this REST api: Get BPMN 2.0 XML |

Hope this helps, Ingo