Formcycle (Form-Builder with Server Validation) Integration

Dear Camunda Community,

I am new here, so I will introduce myself briefly. My name is Robert and I’m from Germany (so I’m sorry for my bad English).

In my company we use a form builder with server validation called Formcycle from the German company XIMA (Create Online Forms | define individual form-workflows |integrate in systems | increase digital transformation - XIMA® FORMCYCLE). I would like to use the forms of this tool for start events and user tasks.

For start events I already do this by simply starting the process via POST request (/process-definition/key/{key}/start).

However, I would like to use the formcycle forms for user tasks as well.

Formcycle also provides a JAVA API (Overview (FORMCYCLE: BOM 7.0.2 API)), however I don’t know if this is the best way to integrate Formcycle forms into Camunda.

Does anyone have an idea how to integrate Formcycle into Camunda?

Thanks a lot for any ideas in advance.

Best regards

Hi @fcbrobert

Welcome along to the forum,
I’ve never used form cycle myself but generally any front end integration for Camunda user tasks follows the same basic pattern.

  1. In design time Use the form key on the user task to add a reference to the front end you want to connect to that task.
  2. In runtime query the engine for tasks from your front end then you’ll get the form key with you can then use to dispay the front end
  3. in runtime use the complete taskapi call to finish the task and move the process to the next step.
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