Follow up date best practices


Is there any best practice for the follow up? Is it just an useful feature or is more like a bpmn thing, like the correlation between two task of the same process?


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I don’t think it is related to the bpmn spec, it is more like useful feature.

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I do not really understand this feature. What is its intention?

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Hi @Markus

You can use it to create useful filter in the tasklist or to create useful queries…
In below link you can find an example for “Follow-up tasks” filter


sir, i want to know how can i set automatic follow-up for tasks as by default it is giving null value


sir, i want to know how we can set follow-up for user task???and in which file we have to add that code?


Hii sir, i want to set due date and followUp date by using Rest Api so i am using PUT /task/{id}/ , but the payload it’s taking is
“name”: “My Task”,
“description”: “This have to be done very urgent”,
“priority” : 30,
“assignee” : “peter”,
“owner” : “mary”,
“delegationState” : “PENDING”,
“due” : “2014-08-30T10:00:00”,
“followUp” : “2014-08-25T10:00:00”,
“parentTaskId” : “aParentTaskId”,
“caseInstanceId” : “aCaseInstanceId”,
“tenantId” : “tenantId”

if i dont pass any of the mentioned filed it will set as null, how can i set due and followUp date using rest Api without passing other fields in payload


Sorry, that’s not possible.


You can GET the task first, change the dueDate and use the response as payload for PUT.


tried this but still i have to send all the fields in payload, and the due date and follow up i am getting from UI of my website