Flow waiting to move to next activity after a particular decision gate


Decision gateway is highlighted in the picture. Flow waits anytime between 3 to 6 seconds or more after this particular decision gateway (highlighted in yellow) to go to next activity. Because of this, message receive task (circled in red) which should accept new incoming messages is not getting activated again to absorb new incoming messages to resume process flow on new messages and thus causing failures. We have seen same behavior on different environments for same decision gate.

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Hi @manojkumar,

can you please share your complete BPMN process?


ChatbotFlowManager.bpmn (68.5 KB)

Here it is


Digging little more found out that time gap after decision gateway happens only if next activity is Asynchronous. Job executor is taking 3 to 4 secs for other Asynchronous activities as well to be picked up. So time gap issue is not with decision gateway but is with Job executor picking up jobs that are waiting.

There is no much load on the environment with two pods and one tester testing it. Have this properties now


We are on 7.8.1 camunda.

Anything missing here.

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Can anyone please help with steps to check if job executor performing without issues and to optimize job executor performance? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @manojkumar,

usually, the job executor is triggered when a new asynchronous job is created. Can you please check if the job executor is busy. Turn on the logger of the job executor to get more insides.

However, if it is important that the message is received by the receive task then you should change your model so that the message can always be received. For example, using a parallel flow or an event sub-process.

Besides that, you should think about model your process again. It looks like a maze and it is really hard to understand :dizzy_face: Link events should be used carefully.

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Thanks Philipp for your inputs. We are planning to change the design.