Field checkbox readonly


Does anybody the variable of type ‘boolean’ at display in process it is impossible to make readonly ?
With fields of a different type, this is obtained.


Hi @ntdim1973,

Have you already tried to set a validation constraint readonly 1?



Oh sure.
Does it work for you?


Just tried this too and it doesnt work properly

Using the following form defintion for a user task

<bpmn:userTask id="testTask" name="Task with readonly fields">
      <camunda:formField id="taskOk" label="Freigeben?" type="boolean" />
      <camunda:formField id="additionalChangesNeeded" label="Änderungen notwendig?" type="boolean">
          <camunda:constraint name="readonly" />
      <camunda:formField id="reviewFeedback" label="Hinweis" type="string">
          <camunda:constraint name="readonly" />

In the Tasklist the boolean checkbox is still editable whereas the Input field is readonly. also then when attempting to complete the Task, the validation fails as the checkbox isnt readonly.

WARNUNG: Cannot submit task form 25558: Invalid value submitted for form field 'additionalChangesNeeded': validation of readonly failed.
Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.form.validator.FormFieldValidatorException: Invalid value submitted for form field 'additionalChangesNeeded': validation of readonly failed.

This Looks like a bug, What do we think?


This seems to be related : Readonly validation fails for blank form item

The fields I have here are currently only display fields, the variables related to the given field ids do not exist in the process instance. I was providing the fields as readonly as eventually the users will use these fields. Even though currently they should not be available to users i wanted to display them and have no values added however it seems the validation fails as the process variable for the binding don’t exist.

Is this the intended implementation?


Same thing here…


One thing that I notice is if the boolean is read-only AND you don’t change the value, you can go on with the process. BUT, once you check (or uncheck) you can not go on and the warning message is displayed.