Feel free to use: Full Process Application example based on Camunda Spring Boot

For our students and for aspiring process engineers, we have recreated eumzug.swiss as a realistic, rather complex process application using Camunda, SpringBoot and a lot of integrated mocked systems.

The project itself with its seven Github-Repositories is comprehensively documented on GitHub and also explained in a screencast. The documentation is written in German, but DeepL is your best friend…

Some topics, which are covered in this process application:

  1. Customized Web Applications
  2. Asynchronous REST service invocation with callback
  3. External Task Pattern
  4. Complex SOAP-communication
  5. Stripe Payment Provider-Integration
  6. Twilio Notification Provider-Integration (SMS)
  7. soapUI-Project with test data
  8. Embedded Forms including document upload and REST communication
  9. Separate file-based H2-data sources for process engine data and business data

This looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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