External Task as REST APIs


Hi Team,

I just have started to explore the Camunda. I am exploring the Camunda to make use of it for one of our workflow implementation. My business logic which i need to execute as external task already provided by third party REST Apis. So how can i invoke the third party rest apis directly mentioning / configuring in Camunda for external-task ? Or i will have to write my worker code and invoke the third party apis ? Please suggest.



You don’t need to write the worker code yourself. You can use one of the supported client libs (below) but you will need to write the 3rd party call yourself.


Thanks for replying !

So can’t we directly invoke the REST APIs from Camunda ? Is it because it works on publish / subscribe model. So for any peculiar step in workflow it will add the task in queue (for specific topic) and on other end external program (using the using the camunda-external-task-client.js) will subscribe it and notified as well and then will execute the business logic accordingly. But we can’t invoke the REST apis directly from Camunda. Whether my understanding is correct ? Please suggest.



You can call the rest API directly if you like. The External Task Clients are just wrappers for the rest api.


Hi Niall,

That’s good thing. It would be really helpful if you could please share any sample or document for such example to invoke the rest API directly from Camunda ? Thanks !



You can find examples in the docs: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.11/reference/rest/external-task/


Thanks a lot Niall !
i will check and let you know. Thanks !


Hi Niall,

One quick thing, for Modeler and Decision Table , do we need a licence version ? Or we can do that without licence ? Plz confirm. Thanks !


Depends what you’re doing - but in most cases you don’t need to worry about licensing to use the Camunda CE.


Thanks for confirming !


Hi Niall,

I do not find the deployment button / iocn when i go to more >> deployments >> the screen does not have deployment icon.

I modeler i have deployment icon, it ask for Camunda rest endpoint. Plz help how can i deploy the process.



So now i am able to deploy it through localhost:8080/engine-rest url but why do i not have a deploy iocn in cockpit ? is it because of licence version ?


Correct - the EE version has the deploy button in cockpit. But you can use the deploy button from the modeler or you can use the REST API directly. There isn’t any difference in the end.