Export model for printing


I am loving Modeler, and want to put a big print up on the wall so everyone can refer to it.

Camunda Modeler 2.2.4 on Windows has an export as PNG option. This isn’t ideal for printing and a SVG or PDF would be better.

In 2016 it seems Modeler had PNG, JPEG and SVG export options: Printing with Modeler

I tried uploading my model to https://demo.bpmn.io/ which has a SVG export - but none of the lines & arrows were included in the SVG.

Where did the export options go, and what options do I have to export as a vector?


Hi @peter,

the other export formats are still available. Just open the drop down in the export dialogue.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier. I cannot find this export dialogue - on Windows 10 Camunda Modeler gives me:



Hi @peter,

“Export As Image” is the right dialogue option. Click this option and then a new window will open:

At the bottom of the window you can specify in which format you want to save your process.