Exclusive Gateway


I have a doubt in exclusive gateway. Is below diagram is correct?


An exclusive gateway with 3 exists?
Not a problem.


@Niall But both outgoing sequence (A & B) from exclusive gateway pointing to same activity. Won’t be a problem?


Hi @aravindhrs,

I also found that this diagram looks odd and was asking myself if this is working.
So I quickly modeled a small process:


In the start event I set a boolean as a process variable and in the gateway i modelled the logic, that the upper path is taken if the boolean is true and that the lower path is taken if the boolean is false.
I had no problems with the modelling or the execution of this situation.
So I guess, that this is not a problem and is a valid modelling approach. But I guess it shouldn’t be used too much as it can cause confusions when the same task is executed despite different paths are taken.

@Niall please correct me if I’m wrong :grinning:



So, having two sequence flows going into the same activity from an XOR as @MichiDahm described is technically correct BPMN and would run in the engine. But it would be considered bad practice and obviously a little pointless.
If you wanted to model within best practice guidelines you should always have a matching gateway that merges the flow before proceeding to the next state.