[Event] Camunda Code Studio

Hi Community Folk,

Myself and the Developer Relations team at Camunda spend a lot of our time trying to find out what help and support we can give to our community. We create new tutorials, speak at events and answer your questions on the forum. But we really love doing live events! At the beginning of this year we had planned to do a Hackathon in Berlin and a Coding Workshop in New York. Sadly these had to be cancelled but that has inspired us to try and do a new kind of event. A 3 hour remote workshop for developers new to Camunda. We’ve called it Camunda Code Studio and we’re doing our first one in just two weeks. May 19th, 2020.

It’s completely free to attend - although spaces are limited. The goal is to give people the chance to follow along live as we all build a new Camunda project together.
Over the course of three hours I’ll go through the steps to getting a process up and running in Camunda:

  • Setup a Camunda project with the Spring Boot Starter

  • Create and Deploy a process

  • Create a Java Class and link it to your Camunda Process

  • Create and Trigger BPMN events

During the event I’ll be answering questions and hopefully getting you to the point where you’ll be up and running with Camunda BPM.

Hope to see you there!


Big Day Coming :guitar:

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That’s awesome :video_game:


@Niall Will this event be recorded and posted? I don’t want to register, given the limited spaces, but would like to take a peek after the fact. Having been active in the forums recently, I’d be interested in seeing/hearing the interactions you have with the folks that attend!

Unfortunately the event will not be recorded. It’s going to be 3 hours long and involve people coding for a lot of the time so it probably wouldn’t make for good TV :wink:

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I just started using camunda, this will be a good opportunity to understand it, and at the same time I want to know if it supports mysql8.0 version?

Unable to find seats :frowning: .
Is it possible listen by not participating the coding event.


This would be ideal for someone who’s just started using Camunda. Hope you enjoy it.
in the mean time you can check the supported environments here: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/introduction/supported-environments/#databases

We’ll be creating a waiting list soon and people who cannot make it can “un-register” to let others join. I’ll keep you up to date about it?

Hi Folks,

The Code Studio is now - SOLD OUT - firstly thanks a lot for your interest I’m really happy this has had such a great response form the community.
but i have good news! if you’re still interested in joining we’ve opened up a waiting list. The same link above will now add to to the wait list and if people can’t make it or decided it’s not for them the tickets will be re-assigned to you.

See you next week!

Hello Niall,

I believe the event will not be recorded. However, will you be sharing the code that will be generated during the event?

I will indeed. The event will have a few short exercises and the code will be give out during and after the event for anyone who might want to take part asynchronously.