Evaluating decision tables with Postman

i’m new to Camunda and Postman.
trying to evaluate DMN decision table with postman but getting the following result in Postman:

I will be very pleased with the help to get things work right.

here is my DMN: question.dmn (5.1 KB)

When deploying from Camunda Modeler I use the following Endpoint URL: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/deployment/create

deployed dmn could be found in cockpit:

and when using Postman:
POST http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/deployment/decision-definition/nextQuestion:15:950182c9-c786-11e9-aa98-04ea5677661e/evaluate

postman request body:
{ “question”:{“value”:"-", “type”:“String”},
“answer” :{“value”:"-", “type”:“String”}

Thanks in advance for a help!

Hello @anna_kovaleva123,
Please take a look at the docs:

It seems the URL your using is wrong, you have to get rid of the „/deployment/„ part.

Best, McAlm

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Hello everyone and @McAlm I have solved that trouble today.
@McAlm thanks for your attention!

The reason was simple and as following:
Postman url line contained unnecessary word: POST exactly before the http://
The Postman Url has been corrected to that one: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/decision-definition/key/nextQuestion/evaluate

and seems that is all!