Error in Sending Email Task can't find 'mail-send' connector


I want to send email to certain user as soon as form is rendered or created , for this reason i have used this example:
but from my project i can’t send any email for error handling i have used this post:
here is my github unitTest project:


Hi @Sally,

do you have a file? I didn’t find one in your unit test project.

Please see:



Hi @kristin , thank you for your reply, yes i have mail-config.propeties in my tomcat server conf folder


Hi @Sally,

I’m not sure whether it is the right position. Please try to add the file to the classpath (src/main/resources) of your application.



Hi @Sally,

can you please share the log file of the tomcat?
What files do you have in your tomcat lib folder?

Best regards,