Enum condition


I have a field of type enum and it has the values: Approve, Reject and Rework.

I am using the expression: ${HeadApproval == ‘Val_Approve’}

I am getting the error after selecting the value from the enum and clicking on complete button:

An error happened while submitting the task form :
Cannot submit task form 7aa77582-dce0-11e8-8d0c-847beb07d381: ENGINE-02004 No outgoing sequence flow for the element with id 'ExclusiveGateway_1kmt82c' could be selected for continuing the process.

Please help.

Hi @yuvrajkeenoo,
Can you please attach the bpmn file.

Condition.bpmn (10.8 KB)

Please find attached the bpmn file.

Hello @yuvrajkeenoo,

There is a mistake in bpmn file.while giving the user task form variables enum ids are different and the condition you are trying to do on sequence flow is different.please check the following screenshots and updated bpmn file.

updatedCondition.bpmn (11.0 KB)




Hi @yuvrajkeenoo

your expression for the outgoing sequence flows is wrong. You need to to specify the expression for each outgoing sequence flow. So each outgoing sequence flow represents a value that your variable can get. If that is connect with a form Field that means:

${Form field ID == ’ Form Value Id’}

in your case:
${HeadApproval == ‘Value_Approve’}
${HeadApproval == ‘Value_Reject’}
${HeadApproval == ‘Value_Rework’}

that should do the trick


I have a doubt, if I want to show in a task the data of a variable obtained previously in a previous task within the same model, how do I do it?

Just use the same variable name. If you don’t want, that the user can overwrite the variable, you can add the constrain “readonly”