ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class JavaDelegate for homogeneous cluster[RESOLVED]


Hello everyone!
I have topic for this issue.
I have discussed it and I haven’t found the solution.

I want to summaries all the info for this topic.

I have homogeneous cluster with two instances of the one SpringBoot app which is using camunda engine.

I have bpmn file: create-request.bpmn (20.5 KB).

I have a workflow with Timer Event, which does after a specific time:

And on the service task with name Service 4, in 50-60% I got an error about JavaDelegate

ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class ‘com.example.camunda.createrequest.DeleteDraftRequestDelegate’: com.example.camunda.createrequest.DeleteDraftRequestDelegate

which is using in this Service 4 service task.

Don’t have any ideas on how to resolve this problem.

In my Spring boot app I have only one dependency related to Camunda

		<!-- Camunda -->


The solution is described in This topic