ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process


Hi to everyone.

I have set up my process application and I have modelled my BPMN 2.0 process according to the steps referenced in the tutorial example of the site.
To tell you my problem, when I try to deploy this process application from my Maven project to the application server (Apache Tomcat 8.0.24) and check the log file of the server I recognize that the deployment is not successful as I read the following error messages in the following screenshots (it is the same as I have highlighted in the second one the specific error which is displayed):

From what I read I can understand that the error has to do with the XML Diagram from my Modeler.
For this reason, I also uploaded the relative BPMN file:

Electronic Equipment Competitions.bpmn (20.2 KB)

Thank you in advance.



In addition to my first post, I would like to upload also the relative log file with the unsuccessful deployment and a bigger photo of the highlighted error message into it.
catalina.2017-07-06.log (65.9 KB)

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Hi @steftriant

If you load your model into the camunda modeler, the modeler log will indicate some errors. The modeler complains about some undefined references. If you switch to the XML tab in modeler and search for undefined, you will see sections such as;

  <bpmn:dataInputAssociation id="DataInputAssociation_0h2n2v1">

Hence you could delete these sections from the XML. You will notice some changes in the model. I have found that occasionally data objects in the modeler can leave these undefined references.




Hi @Webcyberrob,

How can you understand that these sections are the undefined into the XML Diagram of the model?
Because when I switch to the XML tab in modeler I can see only 4 warnings in the bottom of my page as you can see in the following photo:

Thanks a lot.



When on the XML tab, use ctrl+f (find) then type undefined [enter] and all instances of the text undefined will be highlighted.

These undefined references could be left by bugs within modeler. Hence just delete the complete tags. You may notice some referneces to documents may disappear in you diagram…




Hi again @Webcyberrob and other guys.

I followed today exactly your instructions about deleting the sections which contain undefined instances in the modeler but unfortunately the diagram differs a bit and even more warnings or errors are displayed after these changes.
If you notice the relative log file, the log error mentions something about other lines from the XML Diagram and not those ones that contain the “undefined” instance for example.
So, is there something alternative that I could do in order to overcome the issue of the deployment of my process?
I uploaded again the latest log file with a screenshot of the highlighted log errors and the relative bpmn file.

catalina.2017-07-10.log (83.0 KB)

Electronic Equipment Competitions.bpmn (21.0 KB)

Thank you in advance.



I created a simple process with DataInputAssociations and found that the targetRef of the DataInputAssociation was set to a property on the owning task. In your BPMN. the property is there but has no id attribute. I added an id attribute to the property, changed the targetRef to point to this property and all the errors went away. I didn’t delete any lines. Here is an excerpt with the changes on lines 5, 8 and 12.

1    <bpmn:task id="Task_1m4hr67" name="Επιλέγει είδη">
2       <bpmn:incoming>SequenceFlow_01ibstl</bpmn:incoming>
3       <bpmn:incoming>SequenceFlow_1l0jq5p</bpmn:incoming>
4       <bpmn:outgoing>SequenceFlow_0bncqmw</bpmn:outgoing>
5       <bpmn:property id="Property_1m4hr67" name="__targetRef_placeholder" />
6       <bpmn:dataInputAssociation id="DataInputAssociation_0h2n2v1">
7           <bpmn:sourceRef>DataObjectReference_11c04in</bpmn:sourceRef>
8           <bpmn:targetRef>Property_1m4hr67</bpmn:targetRef>
9       </bpmn:dataInputAssociation>
10     <bpmn:dataInputAssociation id="DataInputAssociation_08sgbm5">
11          <bpmn:sourceRef>DataObjectReference_15dg6a2</bpmn:sourceRef>
12          <bpmn:targetRef>Property_1m4hr67</bpmn:targetRef>
13     </bpmn:dataInputAssociation>
14     <bpmn:dataOutputAssociation id="DataOutputAssociation_1d1mi8p">
15          <bpmn:targetRef>DataObjectReference_15kbzzr</bpmn:targetRef>
16     </bpmn:dataOutputAssociation>
17  </bpmn:task>


Hi again @Michael_Griffiths and other guys of the forum.
I followed what you mentioned in your last response about my BPMN Diagram and all the warnings went away.
Nevertheless, when I tried to deploy again my process application, the result was the same (unsuccessful).
I am not sure if I must add an id attribute to the property of the other owning tasks besides of the ones that I added.
For this reason, I uploaded again my updated bpmn file (with the diagram and the XML) and the log file (with a relative screenshot) with the errors of my unsuccessful deployment (I have highlighted the beginning of the Deployment summary).
Electronic Equipment Competitions.bpmn (21.1 KB)
catalina.2017-07-17.log (93.4 KB)

Thanks again for your help,



Hi @steftriant,

Please remove all the empty <bpmn:dataOutputAssociation /> and <bpmn:dataInputAssociation /> elements in your bpmn diagram by using a text editor.
Also you need to make one og the two outgoing sequence flows the default flow for the exclusive gateway ExclusiveGateway_0ow18wm.

Basically you can read everything of the above in the output of your Tomcat server. The hints are pretty good.



Hi @hawky4s,

I deleted all the empty elements (according to the errors mentioned in the log file as you said) in my bpmn diagram by the XML tab but when I switch to the Diagram the following Importing Error is displayed on my screen:
“Ooops, we could not display this diagram!”
Unexpected close tag
Line: 127
Column: 20
Char: >
and the following question:
“Do you believe “Electronic Equipment Competitions.bpmn” is valid BPMN or DMN diagram?”
and the following recommendation:
“Post this error with your diagram in our forum for help.”

In addition to this, I would like to tell you that in fact I don’t want to define one of the 2 outgoing sequence flows from the exclusive gateway (XOR) on the grounds on the selection (Yes/No) won’t be predefined. It will be somehow random.

Thanks a lot.



I have added some targetRefs to the DataInputAssociations. That fixes most of the errors other than the XOR issue.

If you are not going to define one of the outgoing paths as a default then you need to provide conditions on the two outgoing flows so that Camunda can determine which path to take. If the result is truly random and you cant create conditions that define all possible values then you will still need to create a default path or you will have issues at runtime.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Electronic Equipment Competitions.bpmn (20.4 KB)


Hi again @Michael_Griffiths and sorry for my great delay,

Thank you for your useful help, I managed to deploy my process on the process engine (with no any task forms associated with the BPMN elements). As for the XOR issue, I had to configure some placeholder expressions for the conditional sequence flows by setting the condition property to $ {true}, respectively $ {false}.
At the moment, I will try to associate some task HTML forms (maybe embedded and loaded from the application) and I have been reading Java in order to accomplish it. In addition, I have 2 tasks in my process that I want to render them Service Tasks and so I have maybe to call a Java code by specifying a class that implements a JavaDelegate.
Can I ask you here if I have any questions on these?
Unfortunately, I am not a Java expert :confused:.

Thanks a lot,



Hi again @Michael_Griffiths.

I would like to ask you something about the User Task Forms and more specifically about the Embedded Task Forms which are HTML files. I have followed all the steps of the Tutorial Example of the site (Get Started with Camunda and BPMN 2.0) so as to being familiar with the software, as I want to use it for my dissertation thesis but I have some questions on some lines of the code in these forms (unfortunately I am not very familiar with Java yet but I hope to do).
I can not understand very well what do they mean some of the lines in the Start and Task Forms like the highlighted ones in the following screenshots:

I would like to use similar forms for my BPMN 2.0 process in order to call them from some of the BPMN 2.0 elements in my diagram.
Thank you in advance,


@steftriant, please don’t post the same topic more than once.

Thanks, Ingo


Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Thank you for your reply in the other topic.
Ok, I will take into account your recommendation.



Hi Steve,
I don’t check gmail very often so I have just seen you message. You can
feel free to ask questions and I will try to answer them as best I can.



Hi Michael,
There in no problem on this aspect, yes of course. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.



Hi @Michael_Griffiths.

I would like to tell you that I have created a new topic here if you could help me of course in some other aspects of the software.
(User Task Forms)

Thank you,