Embedded Forms


So, I have constructed an Embedded Spring Boot application, where we grab a dependency that brings a bpmn.xml and the forms it needs using maven-dependency-plugin.

It works fine if the bpmn.xml has embedded:app:form.html and if I execute the bpmn process from the task list. So it means the application finds its way through the dependency to use both the bpmn.xml and form.html.
{ contextPath: "/" key: "embedded:app:form.html" }

Now the problem is that if I deploy the same bpmn.xml from the modeler, and execute it from the task list, I get " Form failure: The context path is either empty or not defined."
{ contextPath: null key: "embedded:app:form.html" }

Now if I go the modeler and change embedded:app to embedded:deployment I get **Form failure:** The form with the resource name 'form.html' cannot be found in deployment.
{ contextPath: null key: "embedded:deployment:form.html" }

Is there a general embedded:[global] that can find within the app?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Nuno_Ribeiro,

You can set the form key to embedded:/path/to/form.html which would then load the form relative to the container’s context path, e.g. localhost:8080/path/to/form.html for the default Camunda distributions. That allows you deploy a Java web application that contains all the forms and that you can access from all the processes.