Embed Attachments for Service-Task

Is there a common / best practise to embed static file attachments to a Service-Task inside the BPMN?

Let’s say i’ve implemented a custom Service-Task which valides XML files against a given / embedded schema file. My current approach is to embed the Schema-File by adding a Field-Injection like this:

This approach seems to be ok for now, but what if i wanted to embed a binary file? I could encode the binary to a Base64 String and continue using Filed-Injections, but maybe there is a better way?

Deploy the attachment as part of the deployment or add it into the classpath/file system. You can then access it at runtime.

Here is some examples to access from deployment: ProcessProjectTemplate/helpers.md at master · StephenOTT/ProcessProjectTemplate · GitHub

@StephenOTT thanks this helps a lot! :+1: