Element Documentation in a template



I want to make a template stablishing a element documentation in the xml --> bpmn:documentation

I try with a property in a template like this:

“label”: “documentation”,
“value”:“Doc example”,
“binding”: {
“type”: “property”,
“name”: “documentation”

But doesn’t works

Best Regards,



Hi @Ignacio_Requena_Elvi,

do you want that the documentation field is visible, or do you want to set a predefined value for the documentation?

If you only want, that the properties field for the documentation is visible, you can use this code in your template:

    "name": "...",
    "id": "com.camunda.example....",
    "appliesTo": [
    "entriesVisible": {
        "documentation": true
    "properties": [



Hi @MichiDahm,

I want set a predefinied value for the documentation, thanks in advance.




Hi @Ignacio_Requena_Elvi,

here is the Github project for the Element Templates with an explanation of the usage. I don’t think that setting a predefined value for the documentation is allready possible at the moment. I tried several things on my own but couldn’t set a value for the documentation.
If you really need this feature you can add it on your own or extend the project with a pull request.