Eclipse vs. IntelliJ IDEA Support for BPMN and DMN models?

I have seen some online demos with Eclipse that seem to show going from an imported BPMN model to Task resource etc. Now, that demo did not make clear if there is an Eclipse Plugin for this? I prefer to use IntelliJ IDEA but I need to know if there is fuller Eclipse support for things like switching between BPMN and forms for example? I did create and mvn archetype project in IntellijJ IDEA but I did not see any support for BPMN in particular like in the eclipse demos. So I need clarification.

  1. Is there a plugin for BPMN models that only runs in Eclipse? If so where is it and how do I install it?
  2. If there is a plugin for Intellij IDE I would like to know where it is and how to install it.


Hi @Steven,

we had an eclipse plugin to model processes in the past. But we discontinued it because of a lack of usability support from the underlying framework.

The usability of bpmn-js and all the tools that use it is much better.

There are still some old versions available on the download site: Camunda Download Center -. If you want feel the pain…

Hope this helps, Ingo

The cool thing about is that it is built with hackability in mind. It’s fairly easy to integrate a BPMN Editor in any kind of IDE (as long the IDE supports plugins).

For example, we built an extension for Visual Studio Code: GitHub - bpmn-io/vs-code-bpmn-io: Edit BPMN 2.0 files. Based on tools.

Great I will take a look at that.

For IntelliJ, I’ve created Camunda-oriented BPMN plugin:

Key features: Injection of beans into XML (code navigation) and diagram-to-bean navigation