Documentation for Listeners

I want to use script listeners for “Business Rule Task”. I prefer the “Script Fromat” javascript. Is there somewhere a documentation that describes all available camunda functions. For example read a dmn result or write a variable with a specific type.


Hi @Franz1

Camunda BPM supports the execution of a script as an execution listener.

To use a script as an execution listener, a camunda:script element has to be added as a child element of the camunda:executionListener element. During script evaluation, the variable execution is available, which corresponds to the DelegateExecution interface.

Refer this page for Use Scripts as Execution Listeners and refer for additional ways to specify the script source.

<bpmn:businessRuleTask id="Activity_11nj8tr" name="Evaluate Insurance">
        <camunda:executionListener event="start">
            <camunda:script scriptFormat="javascript">var system = java.lang.System;
               system.out.println('This prints to the console');