Dockerized example with form builder and Camunda



I made an example as proof of concept trying to contribute Camunda BPM with form builder.

I wanted to share it:
Demo is here:
Source code:

On this example you can:

  1. draw your BPMN diagram;
  2. define DMN and inject into BPMN rule task;
  3. model any user form or wizard and inject it into BPMN user taks
  4. test it

All microservices and applications are dockerized.
If you want to run example on your computer, first install Docker, download source code and run Docker command: “docker-compose up -d”.


Form Builder (Drag and Drop) + Form Server Validations
Integrating Formio builder with camunda
Form Builder/Server for embedded- and external task forms
Form Builder (Drag and Drop) + Form Server Validations

Hi @Erki_Kriks,

thank you for the contribution!



Hi again @Erki_Kriks,

would you be interested in sharing description of your project on To do that you have to prepare a pull request to

May be you could also prepare couple of usecases to illustrate which problems your project is addressing.



Hi, we would really like this and any progress you have made on this

@Erki_Kriks thanks again


It is good to read that people are interested.

Next we are integrating DjangoCMS which takes care of UX design side and wraps ( forms into it. Forms are built using Angular, we suggest to use Angular 2 which is reacently finally released.

After that plan is to integrate as an user authentication and authorization microservice.

We are using microservices architecture approach and all our microservices are dockerized.

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Hi @Erki_Kriks,

We recently integrated Keycloak for OpenID-SSO with our SpringBoot Camunda BPM. The solution was dockerized all the way too. Let me know if you need any assistance.



Hi @Erki_Kriks . Thank you!!!


@Ashutosh I’m going to integrate Keycloak with Camunda BPM Spring Boot Starter. Can you share your experiences?


Sure! Let me know how can I help and I’d try and help out.


@Ashutosh I’ve moved here: Camunda Spring Boot Starter + Keycloak integration


Not able to access the demo link.


yes, sorry, it is down.