Do the urls to Camunda webapps change after using a custom process-engine-name?

I am using a custom engine name for my Camunda spring-boot embedded engine process app. From default it now configured as say “customwf”. After doing so

What should be the urls to load tasklist/cockpit ?
What should be the rest-endpoint?

Neither the end points of the webapps or the public rest api will change after you’ve renamed the engine. They should remain the same.

Thanks @Niall for the quick response.
Accessing the same url which was working with default process engine name is giving an error.
{“type”:“InvalidRequestException”,“message”:“Process engine default not available”}

What rest call do you make exactly?
It’s possible that you’re using the rest api end point intended for the webapps only. That endpoint would change.

Rest api’s are working just fine by providing engine name in the endpoint, here is the rest api end point format I use after having a custom engine name.

while rest api’s need custom engine name to be appended, what I am wondering is whether similar thing needs to be done to access web-apps?

So indeed that endpoint is intended to be used only the the camunda webapps.
The ending you should be using is simply


That endpoint will not change if the engine name changes.

How do I make sure the web-apps load after changing the engine-name @Niall .

As of now on trying to load Camunda welcome page from my running embedded-spring boot application is giving an error I shared earlier.

Is any change required in the index htmls of Camunda web-apps? If so how do I do that in spring-boot version?

Can you show your application.yaml?

According to that file, you’ve changed the path for the webapps.
If you follow the that path does it work for you?

It doesn’t work @Niall .Following that path gave an error “Process engine default not available”.

@satish8784 changing web application context path doesn’t change the rest endpoint. It will affect only webapps context path.

Refer this example:

@aravindhrs rest end point won’t change with web application context path change that part is clear and that’s not an issue. With default engine name cockpit/tasklist are loading fine.

Issue is that I have changed the process-engine-name from “default” to “loadengine” as seen in the attached yaml. After doing so the Camunda-webapps(cockpit/tasklist) are not loading and giving error attached earlier. “Process engine default not available”

Posting the answer in case someone might need it.

/app/cockpit/default/# → This is default configuration where “default” is the process engine name.

If you are configuring a different process engine name, just replace the default with your engine name-

/app/cockpit/{your engine name}/#