DMN Table won't let me create war file

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to create a war file but when I use a DMN Table in my BPMN Model, I get this error in eclipse console:

“ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: no decision definition deployed with key ‘testDecision’ and tenant-id ‘null’: decisionDefinition is null
org.camunda.bpm.engine.exception.dmn.DecisionDefinitionNotFoundException: no decision definition deployed with key ‘testDecision’ and tenant-id ‘null’: decisionDefinition is null”

Any help is apreciated!

Where did you keep the DMN definition? Are you planning to use Camunda in shared BPM engine model.

The BPMN and the DMN are in the same folder and yes I’m planning on using Camunda.

Hi @Francisco_Arruda,

Can you please share the dmn model…
It seems that dmn definition key is not set to the value “testDecision”

Here it is.

diagram_1.dmn (915 Bytes)

Hi @Francisco_Arruda,

Can you please confirm that both definitions got deployed (bpmn & dmn).
Using cockpit, go to “More” then “Deployments”

Both definitions should be listed when deployment is selected (similar to below example)

I’m trying to create a war file using maven install instead of deploying to Camunda via the Modeler. But both are deployed there already.

Hi @Francisco_Arruda,

Even using war approach, they should get deployed and listed there.

But since you are confirming that both are listed then it might be that the deployed dmn definition is an old version with a different definition key so please download the deployed dmn from cockpit and make sure that a correct key is used.

On a side note, the shared dmn definition has no rules defined.

Still doesn’t work…

If this is test code, you can share the code base, we can deploy and test it out

I have a maven project with the servlet war archtype from camunda with both these files in the resources folder.

diagram_1.dmn (1.7 KB)
process.bpmn (11.4 KB)

If I try maven install I get the error I said in the first topic.

I’ve fixed it. I just needed to add the dmn to deploy in


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Good to hear.