DMN string list output if condition is true


Hey, so I have this DMN and I want to assign applications to departments. I want for example CustomerService to have only Confluence and Jira assigned but engineering gets different stuff etc.
I tried it with collect because I want a string list as an output but it just seems to output unique stuff, if some other department has true set it won’t work.
How can I fix that?
I’ve attached the dmn so that you can check it out.

Thanks in advance!
Abteilung_camunda.dmn (9.4 KB)


Can you be more specific?

Can you let me know the exact input your sending along with what you’re getting, and what you’re expecting.


If I have true set on more than one place, it’s being ignored.
Like Customer Service and IT Ops both have Jira set to true, so it’s being ignored and when I test for CS the only output is Confluence.

Well basically I’ve set true to what I want to be outputted if x is selected.
Like if Customer Service is true i want it to output Jira and Confluence.
I marked it below for IT Ops and CS.


Hi @alx,

In the above example: Assuming the value of Customer Service is true,
When the value of IT Ops is true, only the rule with output Jira is satisfied.

The rule with output Confluence wouldn’t be satisfied as it requires IT Ops to be false.

You can add set of rules with all required outputs where all departments set to any value “which is represented with -” except Customer Service is set to true.

  1. -, true --> Jira

  2. -, true --> Confluence

In the above 2 rules, Whatever value for IT Ops, both rules would be satisfied when Customer Service has true value


Thank you very much @hassang! This worked flawlessly, now every output is correct when replacing to any value instead of true!