DMN REST request formatting - VariableMap

Is there a reason why the REST services request to evaluate Decision Tables have the VariableMap format? Like the example below.

“Weather” : { “value” : “Sunny”, “type” : “String” }

In a scenario where DMN is used as a rest service to evaluate decisions, what would be the best structure for the calling app? If the calling app has a class with property Weather, and it is set to Sunny - shouldn’t that be enough to call the DMN rest service? From the request structure, it looks like I would have to make Weather a class when “Value” and “type” properties, and wrap it into another variables class. I am probably missing something, enlighten me please…

Wondering if there is a way to simplify the call to where the request is {“Weather”:“Sunny”}, or at least the calling app doesn’t have to worry about it? The name of the DecisionTable to be evaluated is already in the REST request, what value does the explicit type declaration achieve?