DMN Entry Check


How to check whether a field value is modified or not in DMN? I have an use case where i need to check whether the Date value is modified or not, by the user while performing a user task.

I want to implement it in DMN under the specific column. Kindly share your idea.


Hi @arunkumar,

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. I assume that

  1. you have a process variable of type ‘date’
  2. this variable can be change within the process
  3. you want to check if the variable is changed in a DMN decision table

Is this correct?

My first idea: create another variable which holds the initial value. In the decision table, you can simply compare if the values are equal (i.e. input entry: initialDate).

Does this help you?

Best regards,


Thanks @Philipp_Ossler,
Yes, your assumption is correct. I got your idea too.
Meanwhile can we use not(initialDate) in DMN for same scenario?


Yes, you can use not(initialDate) to check if the given date is not equal to ‘initialDate’.


Thank you for the support @Philipp_Ossler.