DMN Engine throwing error for contain feel operation

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DMN Engine throwing the error for contains feel operator.I have attached the sample DMN

Below are the versions we are using in application for feel,camunda and spring boot


And I m getting below

at java.base/

Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: FEEL-01016 Simple Expression not supported by FEEL engine
at org.camunda.bpm.dmn.feel.impl.juel.FeelEngineLogger.simpleExpressionNotSupportefeelContainsFunction.dmn (1.0 KB)

Can you take a look at the Style Guide? It’ll help you understand how to format code correctly and also help you create questions that are easy to understand and also easier to answer :slight_smile:

I have updated the issue details.

Can you explain what you’re expecting to do have happen with this line:

I want to check the like functionality for input parameter.

E.g: If input contains ‘INDIA’ or ‘INDONESIA’, we need to hit this rule and get the output as result.

If you want to use the contains function you need to upgrade the version of the engine you’re using
We upgraded the DMN FEEL engine from version 7.13 onward. So i’d suggest you do that.

There is lot of compatibility issues In my project specific , if we migrate the camunda to 7.13 version . Is there any way to check the contains functionality with 7.10 version in camunda DMN?

There is actually, you can try to add the new FEEL engine yourself manually. This should work as it was possible in 7.10 to replace the built in FEEL engine with the Scala one.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi Dear ,

Please let me know the document or guidelines for migrate the camunda from 0.7.10 to 0.7.13 version.

Hi @vemulabujji,

for your case, they are here:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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If you don’t want to update to a newer version you can use the feel-engine plugin:
That allows for the whole FEEL syntax. From 7.13 it was introduced as the default to Camunda DMN.
Best, McAlm