DMN Default case


I am trying to implement a DMN file where there are set of conditions and set of outputs against them. I need to implement a scenario where if none of the input sets match, output is something say “ABC”. There are 5 columns in the input.
Shatabdi Dutta


Hi @Shatabdi_Dutta_IN,

you can add a rule as last rule of the decision table with empty input entries. The hit policy must be UNIQUE or FIRST.

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler,
Thanks for your reply. This is working fine but the problem that is arising is that, for normal scenarios, as per business requirement, one input can match 2 data sets i.e 2 rows of input values in DMN and hence generate multiple outputs. Using hit policy as UNIQUE or FIRST is blocking this functionality.
Shatabdi Dutta


It should work with hit policy FIRST. So only if no other input matches then the default rule is taken.