Display an automatic message camunda

Hello everyone,
I am creating a BPMN model that can display automatic massage,
How can I dispaly an automaic message?
The message is dispalying when specific process is selected,
Screenshot has been attached!

Hey @YazanAsaad,

The message send symbol you choose needs to be implemented. So the implementation of your delegation code should take care of displaying the message.

I hope that helps, kind regards

Can you please demonstrate this through the BPMN chart?

Hi @YazanAsaad ,
the code for the implementation does not live within the BPMN model. So I can’t demonstrate that in the BPMN chart.

In your case you choose a Delegation Expression. That means during runtime you evaluate the expression, which then leads to the Java Object, that you want to call. For that Object you need to provide the code. If you want to implement that logic please have a look how you can implement Delegation Code. In your delegation code you could then do what you want and trigger a message that will be displayed in a fronted application.

I hope that helps

Thank you very much!