Design camunda generic flows that work for all tenants


We are designing a workflow engine for multiple tenants. Tenants are for ecommerce stores of different product brands. So the number of tenants will be ever increasing and will be high in near future.

Because of these reasons, we are thinking of designing generic flows that work for all tenants. And in these generic flows, before and after every tasks, we are trying to configure execution hooks for each tenants. We should be able to add logic for these hooks in runtime.

Is this approach correct? Is it possible to implement these hooks and add logic during runtime without deployments? Please help.


Hi @anigeorge,

Yes, you can deploy a model without defining to which tenant it belongs to. That way it will be available to all tenants.

I will assume that when you say execution hooks, you mean Execution Listeners. There, you can access the tenant and any other kind of information during runtime and provide logic for different tenant behavior. However, it’s not possible to completely swap out the whole execution listener during runtime.