Deserialize map type in javascript

i try to add input parameters as map type
key: name value : “test”
key: age value: 5

i expect that i will have an object like this { name: “test”, age: 5}
but i get this : rO0ABXNyABFqYXZhLnV0aWwuVHJlZU1hcAzB9j4tJWrmAwABTAAKY29tcGFyYXRvcnQAFkxqYXZhL3V0aWwvQ29tcGFyYXRvcjt4cHB3BAAAAAJ0AANhZ2V0AAIxMnQABG5hbWV0AANheWF4

i want to deserialized this object in javascript ??

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@ayatalat Hi, I have the same question. Did you resolve this? How to deserialize this string?